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Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS)

Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)

Microsoft’s Direct Access (DA)

Microsoft Domain Name System (DNS)

Problem Resolution Services

Group Policy based security hardening

Test before you deploy

Right team to help


End to end Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) architecture, design and implementation.

·     This is commonly known as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

·     ADCS, the Microsoft implementation of PKI, is intended to be low maintenance, high flexible and dynamic once implementation is complete and the product moves to daily operation.


End to end Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS or “Active Directory” or “AD”) architecture, design and implementation.

·     This is Microsoft’s implementation of the x.500 Light Weight Directory Services protocol (LDAP & LDAPS).

·     AD is the primary storage, authentication and authorization store for identities in the Microsoft stack ecosystem such as user accounts, Exchange mailboxes, Server & workstation accounts, as well as service accounts used by both Microsoft and third party products.

·     Protection and accessibility of these identities is critical for highly available operations as well a security within ANY network ecosystem that hosts “Active Directory”.

·     ADCS complements Active Directory by providing LDAPS certificates to ADDS and benefits from AD’s highly available design and implementation to ensure accessibility and customization to ADCS.

·     We have been working with AD since 1998 when it was still part of a Windows beta product known as NT 5.0 Beta.


End to end Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) architecture, design and implementation for Windows 7+ and Windows Server 2008 R2+1

·     Securing traffic on your network ecosystem is critical when you cannot ensure your network infrastructure is fully under your control or when your business is geographically dispersed and connected via commercial/commodity internet service providers.

·     A good IPsec implementation can assist you in isolating non-authorized devices, regardless of operating system/environment, from accessing your Microsoft resources.


End to end architecture, design and implementation for Microsoft’s Direct Access (DA) stack.

·     Direct Access allows you to securely extend your Active Directory Domain Services ecosystem anywhere your Windows devices (Professional and Enterprise SKUs) may find an internet connection.

·     This technology builds on ADDS, ADCS and IPSec and cannot stand without them.


Microsoft Domain Name System (DNS) is a standards based foundational technology that Active Directory Domain Services critically depends on and is installed by default for all new ADDS implementations.

·     As customer networks grow, expand, shrink and offices/branches open and close, DNS is often neglected and is not maintained for optimal performance.

·     Proper care, feeding and regular review and adjustments to DNS will often prevent minor to major to critical outages in dependent systems on your network ecosystem.

·     Our experience as Microsoft frontline ADDS and DNS support give us an advantage found nowhere else and no longer inside Microsoft.


We offer problem resolution services for ADCS, ADDS and DNS.


We offer review, consolidation and Group Policy based security hardening implementation based on previous Microsoft Stack Security Assessments (purchased separately from Microsoft).

·     Got that security assessment report from Microsoft and do not know what to do with it?

·     Have multiple reports on multiple Microsoft products and the task at hand seems daunting?

·     We can help you consolidate and distill the parts of the reports into actionable Group Policy settings to implement in a phased approach over time.


Do not worry, we help you test before you deploy any changes to production.


Had a network compromise and cannot find the right team to help you regain control of your Microsoft resources?

·     Price tags too big?  We are reasonable and will not over charge you.

·     We can help you decide on a course of action that will help you meet legal and regulatory requirements that does not result in cessation of your business (Judicial & regulatory directives to cease and desist excepted).

·     Have the right team, but missing that trusted advisor to vet and review the recovery activities and work across teams?  We have you covered.



*NOTE: Services not available in nor to entities based in Brazil, Russia, India, China, Iran nor North Korea.

1. Encryption services not available in Russia and China due to local laws.



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